Yesterday (Sunday, April 10, 2016) died Mobarak Motaz, 11 years after fighting a great fight against cancer. I had the honor to know you through the wonderful work done by volunteers in ITACI, childhood cancer treatment Institute of São Paulo (

Among the many dreams of Mobarak, one of them was to become a writer. The ITACI staff spared no effort, and after finding a design on my site, asked permission to use the book he had written. Entitled “A Special Boy” theme marrow donation for the fight against cancer.

Upon hearing the story over the phone, I thrilled me, and I decided to assemble and illustrate the whole book. We did it in five days due to the health of our young author. And after many medical interventions, thank God, survived Mobarak for the launch of his book. With book signing, press coverage, and the presence of his family and his illustrator, I.

The ITACI invited me to participate in the launch of the book, I was in Sao Paulo for four days. Visited patients, we design workshops together, I met Mobarak and his family, and made great friends in the group of volunteers, fantastic people who taught me the true value of small actions.

After the event, I knew Mobarak, who wore three devices to breathe … Now he was standing by visiting other patients, showing his dream come true in book form. Living well his last days as a real writer, accomplished and motivating other nearby patients.

Mobarak is gone but will never be forgotten. Immortalized by drawing powers. And I, transformed from within by this boy I met by drawing powers. And to all the volunteers who welcomed me and showed me that the real power is not in features … but rather in gestures made with love.

Márcio J. Lima. • illustrator –

Special thanks to Rosangela Mateigas (which made me cry on the phone), Aunt Darcy Carvalho (director of ITACI and woman of great determination), Cynthia Tamburini (linked in 220v and loving), Nadia Schunk (person of faith, prayer and works ) and Marco Alexandrian (unfolding for children without stop smiling). Congratulations on the good work!

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